Make A Wish Charity Project – Ashtons Hot Tub

The best thing you’ll read today. We’ve recently completed a project which was long but extremely fulfilling to change a families life in such a unique way.

The project included installing a hydrotherapy solution for a special little boy called Ashton who suffers from severe dystonia, the project allowed a HUGE relief for his body “Having access to hydrotherapy at our home has been absolutely life-changing for Ashton and for us.”Originally called in to remove tree stumps, Director Jordan and client got talking about the vision behind the space, which involved creating a “nice, accessible space for Ashton to be able to have his hydrotherapy – even when the weather was bad”.

We quickly decided to take on the whole project and bring it to life, regardless of a timescale and budget, we wanted to make this happen. Director Jordan and client spent a lot of time creating a huge cost-saving plan, ensuring costs were always kept at a minimum throughout and we also donated materials when required.

GGM have worked with countless community projects in the past and we wanted this to add to become another, giving back to the community is what makes us the company we are today.”I can’t describe the feeling seeing Ashton’s body relax and the look of relief on his face. The water brings him so much happiness and freedom away from his wheelchair. Thank you Jordan and the team, we are forever grateful.”

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